|| What We Think

Aspiring to Build Future

Dreamerz Lab Ltd. started something unique to enrich the country technology to make it accessible as well as useful to maintain the vowed digitized Bangladesh in 2015. Our company is basically working with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality solutions as well as in house 3D modeling & animation.

AR/VR Game Popularity in Gaming World

Playing video games is no more a kid’s play. Every individual, irrespective of his/her age group, is spending more of their free time playing video games. They enjoy the surge of adrenaline that rush throughout their body framework, when they are immersed in a hard core action or vehicle race game.

Virtual Reality in your Business

virtual reality is a 3D computer-generated environment that looks just like the real world. You can combine videos, images, and photos of the environment of the product you are promoting together with your website’s booking functionality into a VR video, thus enabling the user to get all the information they need in one single experience.

Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competitors

To attract online visitors to your website and boost sales or bookings, you must give Web users unparalleled access to your VR video without prompting them to leave your website. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to keep your potential customers longer on your homepage by allowing them to interact with your services.

|| What We Do

Custom built AR/VR Applications

At the moment we have a readymade solution for AEC (Architectural, Engineering Construction)/Real-Estate industry, ART or Painting Gallery, Automobile industry, Color or Coating or Ceramics industr...

3D Design and Graphics

we have developed so many 3D design based models and graphical works to help our valuable customers to share their products to their client end in a more accurate and advanced way


Game Development

Our dedicated game development team is very much passionate and skilled in working with different game engines like Unity3D & Unreal Engine over 6+ years for different platforms like mobile gam...

Augmented Business Solution

To take the business a step ahead, we have come up with a different idea. We provide augmented business solutions. We convert your products into 3D model and place it in the augmented reality.