HRM Optima™

|| What We Think

Best Possible Solution within the Budget

Here at SCSL we always have a keen eye on the fact that you get the best possible service within your budget.

Sketch the Imagination

Before starting to customize/build your system our consulting and project management team will properly study and analyze your every need and then implement those as resourcefully as possible.

Adopt and grow together

Your software will be built in such a way that regular changes in business environment will not affect. In case of any mishaps you can always contact us and we will provide the necessary support through our in house software experts

Precise Recruitment

Invest on your resources according to the needs of your company. Run our demo HRM Optima to narrow down your criteria and recruit precisely to optimize your cost and increase efficiency.

|| What We Do

Automate Your System

HRM-Optima automate your company’s full HR department functions like recruitment, attendance, payroll, leave management.

Increase efficiency

The system ensures proper Human capital management by proper allocation of tasks and resources. With this, manager efficiency also improves by a big margin.

One click access

The easy access to all HR information enables managers to analyze each employee’s performance individually.

All-in-One Reporting Tool

You are just one click away from generating complete report of your HRM system to evaluate the current situation. It will help you understand circumstances even better.