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CSR programs

Since founded, SCSL has been committed to various corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and granting resources to carry them out.

Child education

As a responsible organization we offer early childhood education to poor and destitute children. They are given books and all the supporting materials to continue their study up to a certain stage.

Women empowerment

SCSL gives special attention to empowering local girls and women in order to improve their social condition and make them economically independent. Several training programs are arranged often including domestic food products, candle, paper envelopes, stitching, tailoring and embroidery, mushroom cultivation, incense sticks preparation, fishery, and facilitating them to start their own enterprises for income generation.

Senior citizen entertainment

Senior citizens are always of respect. They work hard to keep their body and mind active. Numerous activities and social events help them do just that. We offer many entertainment and recreations for that purpose including: outdoor activities, indoor games, art, reading, social gatherings etc.

Medical treatment

We often raise funds both internally and externally to support the treatment expenses of patients of insolvent families suffering from serious diseases.

Internship opportunity for students

Those just finished their Graduations or still pursuing their degree and require work experience as part of their courses, have incredible opportunity to work at SCSL. We offer three positions throughout the year for the Internship program in return of attractive remuneration whilst having the advantage and opportunity in the next recruitment process.

Natural Disaster

SCSL takes initiative to stand next to the victims of any Natural Disaster through financial contribution, collecting and distributing food and drinking water straight among the victims. During the winter season SCSL collects and distributes winter clothes, blankets to the poor of the society living in the street.

Environmental responsibility

Considering our environmental-responsibility we do most of our paper work based communications electronically. Before printing anything we always ask ourselves: "Do I need a hard copy?” Also we have two ways of separating any disposals and office waste, recyclable and non-recyclable.

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