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Engagement Models

Our teams are built around your technology requirements for offering specialized services and solutions that meet the discrete needs of your business. Our assurance to our customers defines how we do business, and our years of working experience across industries reinforce the service assortment we offer.

The primary factors in SCSL’s successful client relationships are respect, rapport, and resonance. We become a part of team and share a passion for customers’ business goals. SCSL’s client engagement models reflect our account relationship philosophy. Our flexible models provide support exactly the way you need it.

The engagement models that we adopt are:

Project-Based Model/Fixed Price Project Model

SCSL team works with the clients closely to understand their requirements and define their expected deliverable outcomes to determine a mutually agreed fixed price. This model is suitable for projects that are specifically defined in terms of their requirements, schedules and project path.

If the project is well-defined and the scope is clearly understood with a definite finishing date, then the fixed bid project model is the appropriate one to select.

Hourly Engagement Model

This model is for projects with extensible development requirements that may vary upon the project objective and deliverables. Client just has to pay for the hours invested in the project.

This model is suitable for projects with continuously evolving requirements, having possibility of further expansion adding further work hours till the accomplishment of the project objective.

Dedicated Resource Model

This Dedicated Resource engagement model is for clients looking to hire dedicated manpower for their projects. It will give you total control on the resources that you hire for the project. We will assign the most experienced and competent professionals, who will work on the project as per your project requirement, following Project structure and procedure will be decided by the client. If your project framework expands then you are free to increase the team or change its composition.

BOOT (Build Operate Own Transfer) Model

In the BOOT model, the service provider finances the capital expenses necessary to start a new service center or service delivery platform.   In a pure BOOT, the service provider owns and finances the infrastructure in addition to managing it for a fee.

Typically we use this model where we set up, optimize and run your required service delivery option with the contractually pre-specified commitment of transferring the service or solution to the client.

Turnkey Project Model

In Turnkey engagement model we take full responsibility for breakthrough deliveries within a mutually agreed schedule. We work closely with clients from requirement collection to train the client to support the application and then transfer ownership.

This model is best applicable when client turn derivative products over to us, or when they need a full set of skills which are not readily available within their company at that time. Our clients are assured with a well-defined and managed process of high quality results with minimal impact to their other ongoing projects.

We understand that taking ownership of a project means "getting things done".


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