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Software Testing as a Service (STaaS)

Manual Testing/ Checking

SCSL offers both functional and non-functional manual testing

Functional Testing

Functional Testing (black box type of testing) is done against the business requirements of application.

Different Types of Functional Testing are done by the team.

  • Interface Testing: We Test of product’s graphical user interface to ensure it meets its written specifications.

  • System Testing:  We offer variety of tests on a system to explore functionality and to identify problems.

  • UAT: User Acceptance Testing Services validate end-to-end business process, system transactions and user access, confirms the system or application is functionally fit for use and behaves as expected.

  • Validation testing: Determines if the system complies with the requirements and performs functions for which it is intended and meets the organization’s goals and user needs.

Non Functional Testing

Non-functional requirements tend to be those that reflect the quality of the product, particularly in the context of the suitability perspective of its users. It can be started after the completion of Functional Testing.

  • Performance Testing: Planning, Execution, Reporting

  • Compatibility Testing: Ensure compatibility of the system/application/website built with various other objects such as other web browsers, hardware platforms. This type of testing helps find out how well a system performs in a particular environment that includes hardware, network, operating system and other software etc.

  • Documentation testing: All documents are tested with User Requirements. We can verify and ensure that a product or system meets its design specifications and other requirements.

  • Installation Testing: It is Installation testing is performed to ensure that all necessary components are installed properly and working as per the requirements. 


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