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HRM Optima

Manage Your Human Assets with our talent.

Our HRM-Optima is an automated system that will work virtually to maintain HR Management processes of your organization in an easier and more efficient way. It is an easy to use tool that accumulates every aspects of the work force, and provides a platform for the management to efficiently control the human resource department of their organization.


The major objective of the HRM-Optima is to get rid of the old “pile of paper and filling cabinet system” and implement an all in one integrated solution to more efficient control and employee management. 


  • HRM-Optima is developed by assimilating different lists and forms to keep employee information like General information, Contacts, Personal info, Medical data, Dependents, Documents, Benefits, Leaves, Positions, Evaluations, Trainings, Education, Skills, Awards, Employee archive  etc.

  • One major feature includes built in Evaluations, Trainings and Benefits management tool.

  • The system is very easy to use because of supportive features like Flexible scheduling, Easy searching, filtering and grouping.


  • HRM-Optima automate your company’s full HR department functions like recruitment, attendance, payroll, leave management.

  • The easy access to all HR information enables managers to analyze each employee’s performance individually.

  • The system ensures proper Human capital management by proper allocation of tasks and resources.

  • Manager efficiency improves by a big margin.

  • Good human resource management gives management opportunity to become more strategic with core business.

Why HRM-OptimaTM?

  • Here at SCSL we always have a keen eye on the fact that you get the best possible service within your budget.

  • Before starting to customize/build your system our consulting and project management team will properly study and analyze your every need and then implement those as resourcefully as possible.

  • Your software will be built in such a way that regular changes in business environment will not affect. 

  • In case of any mishaps you can always contact us and we will provide the necessary support through our in house software experts.  

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