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Simple Management for Complex Business

ERP-OptimaTM streamlines entire business operation of your company. It integrates all the functional departments like accounts, supply chain management and human resources, procurement, manufacturing, sales of the organization. The core feature of ERP-Optima is the single solution operating different business unit.

Why Choose ERP-OptimaTM?

There are many cases an ERP development exceeds budget and expected timeline but here at SCSL we minimize those drawbacks to the greatest extent.

  • We devote our knowledge and resources to generate a project plan for your new system as accurately as possible and also prepare new business instances for the design as well as testing these instances on the new system. 

  • The software designed by us not only concentrates on your current needs but also takes into account any future requirements your company is intending to avail.

  • We make sure there is no underestimation of the magnitude of the change management in your company.

  • Our project team emphases entirely from the technical aspects to the user orientation of the new system.

  • Our system will cut any knowledge gap that might between the consultants, internal experts and end-user as well as between end-user and different business units. 

  • Our system will drive better, faster decision-making with real-time data and reporting, and personalized dashboards, quality Reports and Performance Analysis

Objectives of ERP-OptimaTM

The major objective of ERP-Optima is to implement an efficient, cost effective and time saving automatic system by:

  • Automating full business processes

  • Accelerate the order-to cash process

  • Deploying a fast online data flow and approval system.

  • Increased competitiveness with integrated, fast, and flexible business processes

  • Organizing all the information regarding the company’s work force in one place.

  • Accelerated time to market with innovative, individualized products and services

Modules of ERP-OptimaTM

  • Accounts & Financial Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Purchase Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Commercial

  • Production Management

  • Sales Management

  • Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • Fixes Asset Management

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